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ACDSee by ACD Systems Ltd.

ACDSee is described as “the fastest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use image Viewer available for Windows”, and this claim may well be pretty close to the truth!

But ACDSee is actually much more than just a viewer - as well as supporting more than 40 different image, music, video and archive formats, it also has a fairly impressive range of viewing, browsing, manipulation and enhancement features.

The software also integrates neatly into your explorer or file manager, and allows you to quickly view an image or whole directory without having to first open the software.

We were particularly impressed by the software’s speed when it came to displaying images, and the photo enhancer options (including blur, sharpen, despecksle, colour balance and more) were the simplest to use that we’ve ever come across in any application. No complicated menus and options here - speed and simplicity is the name of the game!